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Welcome to Henry Pickle, where we’re all about wagging tails, slobbery kisses, and fabulous fashion for our furry friends! Inspired by our lovable mascot, Henry Pickle, the Miniature Dachshund with a personality as big as his heart, our brand is a whirlwind of fun and style.

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    We’re not just following trends; we’re setting them reflecting the latest styles and embraces the ever-evolving landscape of trendy dog accessories.


    Here, we celebrate the uniqueness of every animal. Our products are not one-size-fits-all; they’re tailored to match the shape and personalities of your furry companions.


    Our products are infused with passion and care, reflecting the deep bond between pet and owner. Each product is made with love and exceptional quality.


    Our commitment goes beyond doggy fashion - we’re devoted to the well-being of animals, valuing not only our customers but their cherished dogs.


Ensure your furry friend steps out in style and comfort with Henry Pickle’s adjustable harnesses. Crafted with neoprene material and a breathable mesh lining, our harnesses oer the perfect fit.

The fully adjustable polyester webbed neck and chest straps, coupled with the Henry Pickle branded clip buckle, guarantee a secure and fashionable statement. With both back and front D rings, our harnesses are versatile, whether it’s for regular walks or a no-pull

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Elevate your pet’s daily attire with Henry Pickle’s neoprene collars, designed for ultimate comfort. Fully adjustable and featuring a D ring attachment for leashes, these collars marry style and functionality seamlessly.

The durable, printed polyester webbing strap ensures a long-lasting, chic look that perfectly complements your pet’s unique personality.

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Take the lead with Henry Pickle's stylish and practical leashes.

The special neoprene-padded handle provides a softgrip for a comfortable walking experience. Available intwo widths (small and large), our 150cm leashes caterto all sizes. The D ring attachment adds conveniencefor poo bag holders, and the strong spring clip ensuresboth security and style during every walk.

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Scoop the poop in style with Henry Pickle’s poo bag holders, the perfect addition to your walking collection

These holders come complete with a roll of poo bags, a small zipper for easy access, and ample space to stash small essentials like keys or treats. Make the necessary task of cleaning up after your furry friend a stylish hair.

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  • "I am absolutely thrilled with the Henry Pickle harness I bought for my fur baby! Not only does it look incredibly stylish, but the fully adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit. The material is gentle on my dog's skin, and the breathable mesh lining keeps him cool during our walks. Henry Pickle has won our hearts – we'll definitely be back for more!"

    - Georgia & Maisy -

  • "Henry Pickle's harness' are a game-changer! The durable polyester webbing is perfect for my pup and the adjustable feature ensures a comfortable fit. The cosmic-style design adds a fun flair, making every walk a fashionable adventure. The quality and style of Henry Pickle's products have exceeded my expectations – highly recommend!"
    - Mich & Ellie -

  • "I recently purchased the Henry Pickle harness for my pup, and it's become our new favourite! The adjustable straps ensure a snug fit, allowing my dog to move freely during our outdoor walks. The neoprene material is gentle against his fur, and the mesh lining keeps him cool. The cosmic design adds fun, making our walks not just comfortable but also incredibly stylish. Henry Pickle has exceeded my expectations – we're ready for more adventures in fashion and function!"
    - Gena & Polo -