Our Story


Welcome to the heartwarming tale of Henry Pickle, a brand born out of pure love for our four-legged companions. Our story begins with the mischievous charm of Henry, a Miniature Dachshund with not-somini personality.

He became the inspiration behind our journey to create a space where style, comfort, and canine charisma unite. In 2020, Henry Pickle was born, not just as a brand but as a celebration of the joy pets bring to our lives. Each accessory is crafted with the same love that fills our homes, making Henry Pickle not just a brand but a part of your pet’s story.


At Henry Pickle, our products are more than accessories; they are a reflection of the bond we share with our furry friends. From fully adjustable harnesses ensuring a perfect fit for every doggo to durable, printed polyester webbing straps adorning our collars, each item is a testament to our commitment to style and comfort.

Our fun, cosmic-style designs add an extra layer of joyto every walk. Explore the collection where fashionmeets function, and each purchase becomes a part ofthe Henry Pickle story – a story of love, style, andwagging tails.


    We’re not just following trends; we’re setting them reflecting the latest styles and embraces the ever-evolving landscape of trendy dog accessories.


    Here, we celebrate the uniqueness of every animal. Our products are not one-size-fits-all; they’re tailored to match the shape and personalities of your furry companions.


    Our products are infused with passion and care, reflecting the deep bond between pet and owner. Each product is made with love and exceptional quality.


    Our commitment goes beyond doggy fashion - we’re devoted to the well-being of animals, valuing not only our customers but their cherished dogs.