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Henry Pickle

Sweet Treats: Lead

Sweet Treats: Lead

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Henry Pickle leases have a special neoprene padded handle for soft grip to ensure you are feeling comfort when walking your fur friend. Our leads are/have:

  • 150cm in length
  • Available in small (1.5cm wide) and large (2cm wide)
  • D ring attachment perfect for poo bag holders 
  • Strong spring clip 
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Dual D Rings for Ultimate Versatility

Discover the freedom of walking with Henry Pickle's harness featuring a back D ring for regular strolls and a front D ring for a no-pull walking experience or secure seat restraints. This dual-ring design ensures that whether you're taking a leisurely walk or tackling training sessions, Henry Pickle has you covered.

The perfect size

Embrace the freedom to explore with Henry Pickle's leashes, available in a generous 150cm length. Choose the perfect width, with options in small (1.5cm) or large (2cm), tailoring your leash to the unique needs and personality of your furry companion. Walks are not just a routine – they're an adventure customized for your pup's comfort.

Security Meets Style

Elevate your walks with Henry Pickle's leashes featuring a robust spring clip. This strong and reliable clip ensures that every stride is secure and stylish. With the strength to match even the most spirited pups, this clip is the perfect companion for your Henry Pickle leash, promising both safety and fashion in every step.


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